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Long-standing car rental agency in Tuzla

Magus rent a car Tuzla is Bosnian agency established in 2015 in Tuzla, specializing in successful car rentals with over 10,000+ vehicles issued. Our business stability, professional accountability, courtesy and the high expertise of our staff are categories we have been exceptionally proud of for an extented period.

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How do our clients rate us?

The client's satisfaction is the greatest success of Magus Rent a Car Tuzla agency.

Magus clients reviews on Google search
4.7 Google reviews rating based on 60+ reviews.
“Excellent service, friendly manager and owner, easy to locate (right beside main road!). Even though I'm local, I firmly believe that even strangers or first time visitors can find it very easy! Best price-to-service ratio (as far as my rental experience is modest). Nice, almost new cars. Definitely rental company that knows how to make customer happy :)”
Magus Clients
Šejn Husejnefendić
“Very fast and professional car rental service. No hassle. Kind people 👌.”
Magus clients
Danielle P.
“My experience with them has been exceptional. From the friendliness and professionalism of staff to vehicle agent covered everything up to and including personally selecting and bringing me a vehicle that suited my needs. Highly recommended”
Magus clients
Marta Martina
recommends Magus rent-a-car.
“Rezervisao sam auto negdje drugdje i bio je otkazan kada sam sletio. Čovjek iz Magus Rent a Cara mi je pomogao te noći i iznajmio mi svoj posljednji auto.Bio je mali i nije baš moj, ali je bio besprijekoran i izdržao je 2 sedmice godišnjeg odmora. Veoma sam zahvalan i mogu ga samo preporučiti. Hvala puno!”
Magus clients
Eldar Kalac
“Odlično! Almir je odlično reagirao na rezervaciju u posljednjem trenutku za Peugeot 301.

Toplo preporučujem! :)”
Magus clients
Ermin Valjevac
“Picked up the car in Sarajevo, had it for a week, highly recommended - staff is customer oriented with great common sense (rear commodity these days), clean car, excellent condition, zero hassle!”
Magus clients
“Vrlo pozitivno iskustvo sa Magus agencijom 2017 i 2018 godine! Momci se profesionalno odnose prema poslu i imaju najpovoljnije cijene na Tz aerodromu.”
Magus clients
Edin Bavcic
“Rezervirali smo vozilo kod Almira u vrlo kratkom roku na 3 sedmice. Imam samo pozitivna iskustva. Vozilo je bilo tehnički, optički i u čistom stanju. Primopredaja vozila protekla je bez problema. Apsolutno možemo preporučiti Magusa.”
Magus clients
Jadranko Radovic

Why choose us?

Make sure that Magus rent a car Tuzla becomes your number one choice for car rental.

Benefits of long-term vehicle rental.

Magus Rent a Car offers you the benefits of long-term vehicle rental, both for legal entities and individuals.

Why rent a vehicle long-term?

If your business is seasonal, monthly vehicle rental allows you to optimize your costs according to your planned periods. Unlike leasing, without the need for additional capital or financial approval, if you have varying needs for a larger or smaller number of vehicles, vehicle rental can be arranged very quickly, without prior notice or planning.

Reliability and long-term partnership with our clients.

The main goal of Magus Rent a Car agency is client satisfaction. Our agency has been in existence since 2015 and has been writing a story with over 10,000+ satisfied clients!

Large assortment of MAGUS vehicles.

Whether you're looking for a car for city driving or a spacious vehicle for a family vacation, we'll help you make the best choice.

24/7 chat with staff.

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Terms of use for Magus rent a car

Article I. Authorized Vehicle Operation
Persons over the age of 20, holding a driver's license for a minimum of 2 years (2 x 365 days), are authorized to operate the vehicle. The vehicle must not be operated in the following cases:By a person who is not designated as the Lessee or Driver in the Contract;By a person under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, narcotics, sleeping aids, or other drugs;For paid transportation of passengers and goods;Outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, except with prior consent from the Lessor;For participation in sports competitions, speed trials, or races;For driving or towing any vehicle or object;If the vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition or is overloaded with excess passengers or luggage;In violation of legal conditions and regulations regarding the use, loading, or condition of the vehicle or actions prohibited by law.The aforementioned restrictions do not exclude each other. All eventual costs/fines incurred as a result of non-compliance with these restrictions are charged to the Lessee, regardless of any paid insurance. The Lessor's liability is entirely excluded
Article II. Vehicle Pickup and Return

Magus Rent a Car Tuzla is the sole authorized entity for the disposal and rental of the vehicle, and the lessee takes possession of it in proper technical condition. The lessee undertakes to return the vehicle with all tires, tools, and equipment specified in the Rental Agreement and Check-out - Check-in form, in the same condition as received, except for normal wear and tear, at the exact time and location specified. Vehicles are rented at a daily rate in accordance with the agreed tariff, where one day means any period of 24 hours from the beginning of the rental agreement. After that time expires, an additional day will be charged.

Article III. Vehicle Rental Extension

If the Lessee wishes to extend the rental period, they must notify the Lessor at least 1 day (24 hours) in advance and enter into a new Rental Agreement. Otherwise, it will be considered that the Lessee has unlawfully appropriated the vehicle, and the Lessor will inform the relevant authorities.

Article IV. Fuel

The Lessee takes and returns the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise, the Lessee will be charged for the cost of refueling up to a full tank according to the Lessor's current price list.

Article V. Mileage

Magus Rent a Car Tuzla includes unlimited mileage in the short-term rental agreement, except in the case of a long-term rental agreement where a mileage limit is specified.

Article VI. Vehicle Breakdowns and Maintenance

The Lessee is obliged to handle the rented vehicle as follows:Ensure that the rented vehicle is always properly locked and with closed windows when left unattended, and that the vehicle documents are kept with the Lessee (never in the vehicle).If the Lessee loses documents, keys, license plates, etc., they will be additionally charged for the incurred costs according to the Lessor's price list.Regularly check the engine and oil, as well as water in the radiator, battery, and tire pressure.Responsible for all damage caused by inadequate maintenance and handling of the vehicle.All repairs and/or replacements of vehicle parts must be carried out exclusively at authorized service centers. Otherwise, the Lessee is liable for any resulting damage. In case any part of the vehicle is replaced or lost without authorization, a damage fee equal to three times the market price of that part will be charged.In the event of malfunctions caused by negligence or carelessness of the Lessee, the Lessee bears the cost of repairs as well as lost profits. The Lessor is not liable for any damage suffered by the Lessee due to vehicle breakdown during the rental period. The Lessee is not authorized to make any other modifications to the vehicle.

Article VII. Vehicle Insurance

The Lessee is responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle resulting from their intention, negligence, fault, or as a consequence of non-compliance with the Contract or General Terms, and is obliged to compensate for all such incurred damage, as well as lost profit up to the full value of the vehicle, unless liability is waived by the daily surcharge (deductible) according to the Lessor's current insurance services price list. The insurance does not cover damage caused by the intention, negligence, or fault of the Lessee, including:Any damage to the interior of the vehicle (broken plastic parts on the dashboard and upholstery, torn, damaged, or burnt seats);Damage to tires from the outside, as well as damage to wheel covers;Vehicle undercarriage (damaged or broken oil pan or fuel tank and any other damage);Clutch set malfunctions caused by improper driving and handling;Vehicle theft if the Lessee does not possess the keys and vehicle documentation;Any damage to the vehicle that is not reported to the competent Police station on the spot.In all the mentioned cases, the Lessee will be charged for the damage from 1% up to the full value of the vehicle. In case of any damage, traffic accidents, or vehicle theft, the Lessee is obliged to inform the Lessor and the competent Police station without delay.Lack or damage to mandatory vehicle equipment and accessories;Refueling with the wrong type of fuel and resulting damage.

Article VIII. Passenger Insurance

The passengers are insured up to the amount of the insurance policy in the event of death or disability as a result of an accident involving the rental vehicle.

Article IX. Loss of Property

The Lessor is not responsible for any damage or loss of property belonging to the Lessee or other individuals stored or transported in or on the rented vehicle, service vehicle, or Lessor's business premises. By signing this Agreement, the Lessee explicitly waives any claims for compensation from the Lessor in the event of the aforementioned damage or loss.

Article X. Payment of Bills

The vehicle is rented at a daily rate in accordance with the current price list, where one day means a period of 24 hours from the conclusion of the Rental Agreement. In addition to the rental cost, the Lessee is obliged to pay all other expenses that, in accordance with the General Terms, fall on their behalf, all in accordance with the Lessor's current Price List. By signing this Agreement, the Lessee confirms their agreement that the Lessor may charge all repair, malfunction, or loss costs to their credit card or by any other means of payment. These costs are applicable if they are discovered within 24 hours after the vehicle is returned and the Lessee has not notified the Lessor in accordance with the vehicle return procedure. Furthermore, the Lessor is authorized to similarly charge the cost of all traffic violations, parking fines, and other penalties incurred during the rental period, increased by any administrative costs.

Article XI. Vehicle Inspection and Retrieval

If the Lessor suspects or determines that the Lessee is violating any provisions of the Agreement or General Terms, the Lessor has the right to repossess the vehicle and immediately terminate the Agreement.

Article XII. Guarantee

By their signature, the user unconditionally accepts the terms of Magus Rent a Car Tuzla and guarantees the accuracy of all provided information, and accepts the jurisdiction of the court in the event of a legal dispute. By signing the Rental Agreement and General Terms, the Lessee confirms their agreement that they are responsible for paying all costs incurred under the Rental Agreement: I have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and fully accept them.